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Poser Portraits is an online oasis for digital artists featuring exhibitions of inspiring 3D/CG Portraits; news & info about the medium and shared knowledge of craft & technique.  The group was created in January of 2012 initially for users of Smith Micro's Poser software.

As the group has grown we have expanded the welcome of works to include portrayals crafted in a broad range of programs.  Do not be put off by the name and imagine we would decilne your works because they were not rendered in Poser.  It is the love of characters and their portraits which inspires us.  If it is a 3D portrait you wish to show quite likely we have a place for it somewhere on our walls.

Many artists now working professionally with software such as 3ds Max, Maya or ZBrush were introduced to 3D through Poser or a freely available version of Daz Studio.  For a creative mind, with a yearning to express, this medium allows near to unlimited possibilities for artistic development and growth.  The primary purpose of Poser Portraits is to encourage and nurture such creative development.

We welcome all manner of supportive participation.
Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 11, 2012


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Art Creation

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Digital Media

566 Members
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Submission Guidelines




This group was established in January 2012 as a Poser themed exhibition with a primary devotion to the inspirational portrayal of character.  Over time the group has evolved to embrace portrait craft developed within the broader medium of 3D.


Poser Portraits is open to human beings and others ( we don't ask ) from all levels of skill with 3D programs; we each began at the same place: staring clueless into a blank scene. If you are inspired to develop skills within this medium, whether as a hobby or profession, you are welcome here.

As an exhibition group active participation by members in the 3D community at DA is essential.  What we require for membership approval is the confirmation of at least one 3D portrait posted within your gallery.

If you are just starting out or soon intending to, following the group may provide motivation & inspiration.  A Watch will keep you 'on the inside' of all the latest news and gallery additions.  As soon as you start creating portraits and posting, feel welcome to request an upgrade to Membership.

Diversity of Software and Craft Tools

We built this exhibition resource for the purpose of encouraging the pursuit of creating portraiture within the full medium of 3D craft.  Do not ignore the name up above; but see into and through it.  For a creative mind, with a yearning to express, this medium allows near to unlimited possibilities for artistic development and growth.  Poser Portraits is not, therefore, about any particular program or platform.

It is a common experience when working in 3D to explore and evolve our craft through an ever changing mix of programs and tools.  Where we begin our adventure within this medium is seldom where we stay.  Many artists now working professionally with software such as 3ds Max, Maya or ZBrush were introduced to 3D through Poser or a freely available version of Daz Studio.  Know that you will not be limited in your participation because of the configuration of 3D tools in your creative pipeline

Gallery Submission Essentials


:bulletblack: Composition : How a portrait is composed is a primary consideration towards its success. Primarily there are NEEDS to be a strong focus on the face. PLEASE NOTE: If the face is NOT visible we cannot accept your submission.
The word portrait covers a wide range of styles but for Poser-Portraits we want to see works that prominently feature a characters face. Any images showing more than below the waist may be more suited to our sister group poseraddicts and therefore will no longer be accepted.

:bulletblack:  Allowances :  In order to provide fair attention to each portrait, with a membership of this size, submission allowances, for the present, are set at one portrait per folder each day with a total of three per day across all galleries.

:bulletblack:  Quality :  This is an exhibition of completed works of an evident quality range. Unfinished works can not be accepted.  

It is for the purpose of supportive encouragement that we invite to the group works by accomplished artists in advanced programs and techniques.  Do not be discouraged by the presence of exceptional portraits in the galleries and imagine your own works would not be accepted.  It is the portrayal of character which we seek.  Portray something about your subject within these structural guidelines and you will not be turned away.

:bulletblack:  Media :  This is an exhibition of portraits rendered with 3D software. Finished portraits are accepted as pure renders or with additional adjustments and enhancements employed through post production.

:bulletblack:  Nudity : So long as the face remains visible, below the waist isn't visible and the overall intent is the portrayal of character, nudity is allowed.  There will be no separate folder for nude images but please make sure they are tagged appropriately with "mature content" tags
Be aware, Sex or Violence :  We DO NOT allow any portraits that contains Sex or Violence . This includes overly suggestive sexual images and also suggestions of violence including bondage and blood.

Submission Placement

Placing your images in the right folder needs to be simple. We tried varied folders and things got complicated. To keep it simple and to keep the focus of the group on faces we have a simple folder structure "Close up Male" and "Close up female" being our primary galleries. We may feature some themed galleries on and off but keeping things simple is best for keeping the group on track. Just remember to follow the guidelines on composition outlined above.

Nobody Likes To Be Declined .. But It Happens

Since the group's formation, the large majority of portraits submitted have been accepted. Any reason why a work could not be accepted is listed above.  Know that all submissions are subject to review and vote; no member submissions are automatically approved.  We understand the value to an artist of understanding the reasons why when a portrait can not be accepted.  

Maintaining a group is always a time-consuming labour, yet we do our best to explain decisions which must be made regarding submissions.  Some days the flow of submissions grows overwhelming and we are unable to respond personally about each work.  If one of your works is declined and you do not receive an explanation, feel welcome to write to us and ask for one.  Please do this by leaving a comment within the original submission or by sending a note to the group referencing the specific image with a link.  Asking about a work on the group's main page will not assure a response.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel welcome to send us a note.

Poser Portraits Mail:…
Hi everyone.

I have been very busy with work and life stuff recently and unfortunately have been neglecting the group as a consequence.

I have been meaning to give the group a major overhaul as I am still not happy with the gallery structure as it is. I feel the group still needs some work to really focus on portraiture in the strictest sense.

While I figure this out I am closing submissions and join requests.

Going forward. Whenever I get some time I will chip away at sorting the group out. This process is probably going to mean images are going to be removed from the group and the gallery folders will be reduced to once again. this time to very basic male and female categories.  The rules/guidelines will be simplified and other small changes will be made here and there.

I know some people will not be happy about the change and if you feel you need to leave the group that is your choice. I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the group so far whether you stay or go.

Hopefully with submissions closed I will sort this out relatively quickly and open submissions as soon as possible.



P.S. When I open the submissions back up I would appreciate some help in the form of a group contributor. Just to make sure submissions are reviewed and a decision is made as quick as possible. If you would be interested in becoming a contributor once the group is back up please let me know via a note. It would be nice if you have a love of portraits too :D
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fractal2cry Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
does anyone know how to export animal with its fur from poser to use in vue
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought I used to be a member of this group, so why is there no link to submit my works?
Is it still closed at the moment, this group?
RetroDevil Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
hi yes, the group is still closed as I am looking for someone else to take over.

Sorry for the inconvenience 
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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I know, I wish I had the time to keep on top of it.
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kelly00000 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you accept animation?
RetroDevil Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
If it can be considered a portrait based on our guidelines. yes.
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Know the admin are probably busy and know that unless an admin sets up their views to view older work first, they approve or decline those they see when first long on which pushes the older ones even further back.  Don't know how long you allow a piece to sit before expiring, but know it can't be all that long.  Right now there is a submission of mine that has been setting for nearly two weeks and have seen where you have had recent activity,
RetroDevil Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, sorry sometimes the message gets deleted and I have to hunt it down manually. Thanks for letting me know :D It's accepted now.
2K-Design Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
Thanks for accepting me in your group!!
RobertEV Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Thanks for accepting my submissions, and apologies for submitting one of them to the wrong category. I guess I thought Full Figure meant Big. :)
RetroDevil Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
LOL, no problem. I never thought that the folder name could be construed that way .. We are editing folders at the moment and I may take that into account.

Thanks and you are welcome too ;)

Zerozero91 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for accepting my work.
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You are welcome :D
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